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Conception Graphique : Ariane Delahaye

Regen — Seating Elements



Cotton rope, silicone, fabric, polystyrene.

Made possible by: Creative Industries Fund NL.



A big soft chair, a soft stool, a soft bench.

This new research with the technique « REGEN » has been possible thank to the Stimulerings Fond.


These three seating elements are made in cotton rope and silicone. They were shaped directly in 3D around strong metal templates. The technique « REGEN » that has been developed since 2014 is used on a different level on this project. The textile containers that are produced are no longer used hollow but are filled with soft materials to create a comfortable seating element.


Pictures: Vanni Bassetti

Assistant: Neige Thébault

Model: Leslie Moquet

© 2019

Conception Graphique : Ariane Delahaye