2016 /  LATEX, ROPE.


More than just a series of fashion accessories, this designer has devised a method and developed a material. All of the objects which she has imagined are produced without seams, cuts, or assembly. They are modelled from a never-ending white cotton cord which she coils around a laser-cut steel counter-form. The thread is partially coated with black latex, allowing for the lines to be welded amongst themselves and thus constitute a waterproof membrane. Thanks to this process, she innovates the creation of a waterproof textile which is thick and supple. The latex’s density guarantees the rigidity of certain surfaces.


As the resin seeps into the cord, it randomly stains the textured details. The designer uses the coated side like a lining, thus revealing the graphical patterns drawn by the lines of cotton on the exterior face of the objects.


The collection reveals its process of fabrication by accentuating the contour lines of each accessory. Hats (Sou’Wester hat, sun hat, cap), a shopping bag and a rucksack, as well as a large cloak and a hooded overcoat are presented. The montage of these complex architectures is read between the vibrating lines of these permeated surfaces.


This process allows for the mass production of unique items. It requires few means and employs materials that are simple, recyclable, and sustainable.



text: Magalie Guérin

graphic design: Francesca Biagiotti

pictures: Ronald Smits

models: Thomas Ballouhey, Marija Dondovic, Misha Gurovish, Floriane Misslin.